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Metal Garages – Why they may be a better option
Metal Garages – Why they may be a better option

Metal Garages - Why they are better, a guide to he help you decide.

 British weather can be unpredictable so taking the necessary precautions to protect your vehicle against the elements is essential. Hail damage to a car does not look good. The worst part is how preventable it is. Instead of watching helplessly on from your window as your vehicle gets pelted by the elements, Take steps to ensure this never happens to you.A garage is a big commitment. Construction, maintenance, decay. Why would you want any of that? With a traditional wooden garage that might be the case. With a metal garage, all of these problems are alleviated or just simply don't exist. To give yourself the peace of mind you deserve with your vehicle and more space to work at a reasonable cost, a metal garage is the best solution. So here's a guide the help you decide.


If you a have a limited budget and don't want to break the bank a metal garage is the best option for you. Most metal garages are Prefabricated, meaning it costs a lot less to build and a lot less to maintain than a traditional garage. With less maintenance required, you'll save even more money over time. There are even some metal building companies like Miracle Span Steel Buildings that offer metal building kits allowing you to save even more money by assembling the building yourself.


Even though wooden and metal garages can be built to withstand typical weather conditions, wooden garages still lack the durability that steel can offer. After a long period, when left exposed to the elements, the wood can begin to experience problems like rotting, warping and cracking which in some cases can lead to even bigger problems such as mould, mildew and leaking. When metal garages are manufactured they undergo a galvanisation process to help withstand the harsh conditions of the natural world, providing your property with better protection.Eco-FriendlyDid you know that out of all different building materials used today, steel is one of the most recycled? If you care about the environment at all, steel is a lot kinder as once it has got to the end of its lifespan, it can be broken down and reused somewhere else, unlike wood which would end up being part of a landfill. Not only is steel recyclable, but it has a lot shorter installation time and requires no heavy machinery, minimising the amounting of pollution released into the air. Your metal garage definitely will leave you with a clear conscience about being more eco-friendly.Contact us today on 01302 301402 or get a quote for your own steel building direct to your inbox by filling in our quote request form here 

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