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Double Garage Steel Building
Double Garage Steel Building
Steel building design has come a long way over the last few years and Castle Steel Building’s unique system allows us to supply structures for a variety of uses, from domestic storage through to large warehouses and even agricultural buildings.A great example of how our system can be utilised by every day homeowners is this double garage we completed for a new home owner in Lincolnshire over the summer. Our customer was looking for a storage space that was both aesthetically pleasing and economic while affording the kind of protection from the elements that only a steel building could do.After approaching us through our “Get A Quote” form, the customer asked for a visit to the site to determine the best position for his steel building.  The building designed by our software is suited to the specific site it’s built on and will take into account the local area as well as wind and weather conditions.With the best position decided, our installers fitted a flat and stable concrete base for the building, complete with a power float finish and pillar pads to support the steel columns. Unlike some steel building systems, our columns bolt directly onto pillar pads, which themselves are reinforced with A232 steel mesh to ensure adequate support. The advantage to this is that our steel buildings are classed as temporary structures by planning departments because they can easily be taken down and moved elsewhere if the need arises.With the base installed and the materials from our supplier delivered, our installation team erected the building in just 5 days, working first on the steel building frame and then fitting the single skin cladding on the walls and roof. Once the cladding was finished, a range of flashings and trim were fitted around the building to keep it wind and water tight and to give a suitable look to the steel building.With the main structure constructed all that remained was the installation of the personnel and roller shutter doors. For a building this size we would usually fit manual roller shutter doors, however our customer insisted on motorised ones.Castle Steel Buildings can supply a range of garage and domestic storage units. Contact us today on 01302 301402 or get a quote for your own steel building direct to your inbox by filling in our quote request form here.[supsystic-gallery id=8]

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